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Keep your customers engaged with accessible self-service and laser-focused commercial interaction.
A truly frictionless business and customer interaction experience.

We provide consulting and custom software development, end-to-end, from inception to day-to-day operations.

You focus on your priorities, leave the technical stuff to us.



The bridge between business and IT

  • Where are you now?
    Customer Interaction Quick-Scan)

  • Where do you need to go? 
    (Define the solution, work with you as Product Owner)

  • How to get there?
    (Define the roadmap with our
    Solutions Architect)

  • Customer Interaction Quick-Scan
    • GAP analysis between company goals and organizational and technical capabilities
    • Artificial Intelligence maturity check

    • Identify Quick-fixes
    • Create roadmap
    • Map the roadmap to internal capabilities and if relevant, design custom solutions
  • Product Owner Services 
    • Fill in product owner role for company
    • Align internal stakeholders, prioritize, create long-term roadmap, work with agile teams to create
    • Fill in product owner role for company
  • Solutions Architect customer interactions
    • Provide solutions architecture and work with (internal and external) teams to bring clients to the next level.
    • Review organizational structure and plan improvements

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Identify need

Create solution definition (requirements, mock-ups)

Get departments onboard, get funding

Plan the execution (find resources, plan the changes)

The building and development stage

Implement the solution (technical integration, training, documentation)


Analytical CRM

1. Increase sales by using prediction of customer need (product affinity).

2. Increase sales, customer retention, customer satisfaction by identifying next interaction for customer (Next best Offer, Next best action).

Customer Interactions

1. Get company ready for true multichannel campaigns to send the same massage through multiple channels.

2. Increase relevancy for the customer, increase effectiveness for the business by providing the most relevant information or offers.

Organizational optimization

1. Identify gaps in skills within your team. Get the organization hyped up for the necessary change.

2. Convince C-Level stakeholders to provide the budgets and resources to go the next mile.


Software Development

Sometimes whats in the market is just not what you need.

With more then 15 years of experience in customer facing solutions, from portals through interactions in channels like Email, social media and web, we know that there is never THE BEST solution. The most one can ask for is THE MOST FITTING solution. And that solution might not be ready-made in the market for you.


We always take into account what is already in the company, see if it can be optimized, then we look at existing solutions in the market and compare it to the ideal process. Based on this analysis we take decisions together with you to decide the next steps. This is analysed against functional needs, technical requirements but organizational capability and strategy are an integral part of the analysis as well.


Real-Time View

Creating a real-time 360-degree view of actual communication and their effects on customers.

High Performance Synchronization

Create a high-performance synchronization machine that keeps user data up-to-date in all systems, so the user can work in whatever tool they want.

Improved Sales

Optimize sales and marketing by creating pinpoint accurate predictions of customer needs in multiple channels.


Software Components

Some solutions are so frequent, we created best of breed boilerplate components that we can deploy for our customers as needed.

Components for low friction customer interaction.

High performance customer synchronization engine

Sometimes it is not a feasible solution to have all data only in one place. For a customer, it needs to look as if they only took to one company and they should not care if it’s 1 or 20 systems. Our high-performance customer synchronization engine keeps all data up-to-date so it just works.

Marketplace portal
Many clients have a business in which they provide want to provide a platform to other businesses. We have a boilerplate that allows a fast deployment of this solution. No need to reinvent the wheel. You just start getting your customers onboarded.

Customer Interaction
Hub Customer interactions (any communication you might have between your business and people that qualify in some sort as customer) are at the heart of any business. These messages, be it email, sms, push, letters or banners, usually are managed by a multitude of systems. We don’t believe this is going to change anytime soon. But for you to manage the communication, awareness is key. Our Customer Interaction Hub gathers the data and makes it actionable, however many technical systems are involved.


Software Operations

Any app, any portal, any piece of software needs to be running in order for your business to deliver the exceptional service you want to provide. This means, someone needs to be watching and tweaking.

We provide operational software support to do just that. Keep things afloat so you can scale up.

Operational support
The running of applications (monitoring, updates, error handling)

User Management

User Management

SSO & IAM for B2B2C solutions


We all are unique. And we want to be recognized. “Loggin In” to a system is a daily activity for any person that uses any piece of software. The reality behind it is more complext then matching a password to a user.

Sometimes, people belong to multiple organization or have a different role depending of context.
We provide a strong, flexible solution that will speed up the implementation of any software product.

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Standard Services

  • Custom solutions for our clients
  • Full control
  • Work with your in-house
    Developers or development partners or Enacos

Collaborate Services

  • Develop together with Enacos
  • Best of breed approach
  • Product ownership done by Enacos
    Available on chosen solutions.


  • Your idea, Enacos creates
  • Joint-Venture with Enacos
  • Let’s talk!

Enacos Products

  • Enacos products
  • Full software solutions
  • Fast standardized
  • components for getting up to speed faster.

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Fine Tuning

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